Recognized as one of the most dynamic, transformational and motivational keynote
speakers of the past decade, Ivan has
impacted hundreds of thousands
of people around the world.

His TEDx Talk has over 19 million views,
and was named by Forbes as
‘One of the Top Ten Talks About
The Meaning of Life.’ He inspires, challenges and entertains –
all while providing tangible techniques for
people to apply in their lives and work.

Keynote Topics

Build a
High-Performance Team

When teams thrive, they elevate everyone to a level they didn’t know was possible. When teams struggle, they create dynamics and challenges that limit performance. What does it take for a team to excel? How do you create a culture of excellence?

Success, Self-confidence
and Performance

Success begins and ends with Self-confidence. Your belief in yourself is the foundation for thriving, achieving your dreams, and unlocking your potential. With Self-confidence, you live the happy, inspired, connected life you deeply desire.

Fueling Success Through
Inclusivity and Diversity

Is your organization able to attract, retain and develop diverse talent to the degree you desire? Is inclusivity linked to your drive for performance?
If like most organizations there is room for improvement in these areas, Dr. Joseph is uniquely positioned to guide you with practical and proven strategies.

Trusted by the world’s top brands, businesses and leaders.

Ivan is consistently one of the highest-rated speakers and facilitators for the companies he works with.

He has shared the stage with Maya Angelou, Soledad O’Brien, and Mel Robbins. Clients bring him back again and again to drive their leadership and team development.

From manufacturing to retail, pharmaceutical to agriculture, technology to food and beverage, clients across the spectrum rely on Ivan to take them to the next level.

High Performance. Teams. Leadership. Culture. Diversity & Inclusion. Ivan delivers the message your audience needs to hear!


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